Light rail is much more than a transport project. It’s a step towards a better future for Auckland.

Light rail is much more than a transport project. It’s a step towards a better future for Auckland. This is a foundation for future growth and development that will enable our communities, economy and environment to thrive.

The Ministry of Transport, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Kāinga Ora and Mana Whenua are working side by side on the Auckland Light Rail project to look at how light rail can work best for the city.

Our priority is to deliver light rail between the city centre and Māngere.

What we’re doing right now

The Auckland Light Rail Group has delivered an Indicative Business Case to support the Government's decision making on route, mode and delivery entity for light rail from the City Centre to Māngere. During July and August 2021, the team engaged with Aucklanders to get their views. The feedback received was used to create an engagement summary which was issued to the Government alongside the business case and recommendations.

Cabinet has considered the options for Auckland Light Rail and the Government will make an announcement about the project in early 2022.

Summary of Indicative Business Case 

A summary of the Indicative Business Case is available to read here. The summary shows progress so far and the recommendations considered by the Government. Technical assessment work identified that light rail is the ideal form of transport to pursue. The summary includes the short list of three options and the findings about delivery entity, cost and funding.

The Indicative Business Case will be released after the Government makes an announcement about the project in early 2022.

For more information about the Indicative Business Case, see the Frequently Asked Questions page here.


What we’ve been hearing from Aucklanders

As part of our community and stakeholder engagement we attended 14 events in communities along the city centre to Māngere corridor proposed for light rail. This enabled us to share our future vision for the project, have conversations with Aucklanders and answer questions. 

This video captures some of the main themes and topics that people shared. Thanks again Auckland for sharing your views, aspirations and concerns with us!


Working with locals

We engaged three local artists to do live creations of light rail art at our community events. Unfortunately COVID-19 Alert Level 4 meant the third event could not go ahead – but that didn’t stop us or our artist! Enjoy this time lapse video of our third artwork being created, with the bonus of commentary from the artist, Jonny4Higher.

Art for ALR


Our latest resources include a summary of the Indicative Business Case and technical notes summarising investigations into two modes: trackless trams and heavy rail, which we have been getting lots of questions about. Each technical note documents the benefits, opportunities and risks for that mode and summarises the reasons they did not progress to our short list.



Investing in high capacity, high quality, rapid transit is critical to developing a modern, connected city which supports improved and new public spaces, homes, shops and community facilities. Connecting to buses, ferries, trains and walking and cycling, means people living along the route don’t have to rely on cars to travel to the places they want to go to.