One week left to jump online and have your say on what Auckland Light Rail can bring to our city

26 August 2021

We want to hear from you.

There’s just one week left to have your say on light rail for Auckland to help us understand what’s important for you and your community and it’s as easy as filling out a short survey online or picking up the phone.

“Our priority is to deliver light rail between the city centre and Māngere and your views are important to ensuring the development will enable our communities and economy to thrive and enhance our environment,” says Auckland Light Rail Project Director Tommy Parker.

More than a thousand people have already shared their thoughts through our website, while many more were able to chat to our team at the dozens of community events and workshops held since we began engagement about the project in June.

“The alert level four lockdown has put an end to our face to face meetings but we are still really encouraging people to give us their feedback online before our engagement period comes to a close,” says Tommy Parker.

Feedback officially closes on Tuesday 31 August, but people will notice an increased presence on social media as we boost our online infomation and resources to keep the conversation going right up until the last day.
“Our team is also happy to take your phone call or reply to emails if that’s your preferred way of communicating.”

“We want to provide Aucklanders with a good understanding of the project so they can have informed conversations about what it will mean for their communities and for the wider city,” says Tommy Parker.

There’s been a great amount of interest in the project. On the ground, the project team has delivered 39 stakeholder briefings, nine community workshops and 14 engagement events in communities along the corridor.

“It’s important we listen to peoples’ concerns and ideas now, so we are able to consider that information carefully and address it in the planning stage of the project.”

Gathering the views of Aucklanders will sit alongside work by the light rail team to develop an Indicative Business Case. The Government will then make a decision at the end of the year about the route, mode and delivery for the project.

You can give feedback online, email the Auckland Light Rail team at or phone 0800 567 847.