Several modes of light rail were considered by the project team - including modern trams and light metro. Modern trams travel on tracks on city streets. Light metro is fully separated from other traffic. Both can be above or below ground and could involve a combination of these along a route.

Modern trams

Light metro

Travel on tracks on existing streets

Travels on tracks separated from other vehicles

Separate from traffic with its own lanes

Could be elevated, underground or on the street

Have priority over cars at intersections and stops

More reliable because it is on its own route, free from traffic delays

More stops along the route

Stations are less frequent and more of a destination, located in town centres

Stops are at street level for passengers to get on and off

Stations are underground, or can be elevated

Drivers are required

Drivers may not be required as the system is automatic

Artist's impression showing modern tram and light metro options.

Please note: as part of the business case we have investigated all potential routes and alternatives to ensure the best outcome for Auckland.