Below are some helpful Auckland Light Rail resources. 

Indicative Business Case

The Minister of Transport Hon Michael Wood has released a summary of the Indicative Business Case to show progress so far before it is considered by the Government.

The technical assessment work identified that light rail is the ideal form of transport to pursue. While the other modes have merit and were considered in a long list of options, they were found to not be the right fit for this corridor. A short list of three light rail options as well as advice on delivery entity, cost and funding are included.

*please note:

  • We acknowledge that technology improves over time and at the point where any procurement occurs, which is still some time away, the latest offerings from suppliers will be considered including their proven reliability.
  • Cross section graphics and dimensions are indicative only and may change. The city centre to Mangere corridor width varies and detailed design has not been carried out yet.

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Kids Competition
Process Diagram