Over July and August 2021, we gathered the views of Aucklanders. Thanks to everyone who shared their views.

We used all feedback received to create a summary of public engagement which was issued to the Government alongside the business case and recommendations.

How we raised awareness and gathered feedback

  • Promotion via print, radio, bus backs, billboards, bus shelters and digital advertising. Included ethnic media to connect with people with English as a second language
  • Delivered 62,000 brochures
  • Translated brochures into 10 languages
  • Held 14 community events
  • Sent e-newsletters to up to 1,648 subscribers

We also worked closely with local boards and over 115 stakeholder groups to get their input, delivering over 63 events including listening sessions and workshops. Learn more about this work and what we heard from these groups here. These groups were also instrumental in helping us reach locals and their audiences.

What we asked

We asked questions that link to the key outcomes of the project, to understand what is important to communities along the route and all Aucklanders.

  1. How could light rail connect you to the places you like to visit most (work, study, play, other)?
  2. Did you know light rail will help to reduce Auckland’s carbon footprint and be easier on the environment. Is this important to you and your family?
  3. Auckland needs more homes and jobs, and we are looking to put light rail in communities that are already building new homes and connecting with employment hubs. Would you benefit from this? Why/ Why not?
  4. What would make light rail attractive to use?
  5. Thinking about roads, traffic, moving around and getting to where you want to go: what would you like Auckland and your community to look like in the future?

We heard from over 2,700 Aucklanders from right across the region with over half (53% or 1,452 people) telling us they live in a corridor community.

What we heard

More people we heard from support light rail than those who don’t (66% or 1,823 people voicing support). A further 14% were supportive but had concerns or gave mixed feedback. The remaining 20% said they oppose the project.

Image: People's sentiment toward the project 

Key findings from the engagement were:

  • Aucklanders want light rail
  • Corridor communities shared the strongest need and desire for the project
  • Reducing our carbon footprint is very important to Aucklanders
  • People want a reliable, frequent, safe and comfortable public transport option
  • People recognise it will help support new housing, compact city, access to jobs and study
  • Community partnership is critical to meet the needs of locals

Some people expressed concerns about:

  • Ensuring the affordability of using light rail
  • Gentrification in communities
  • Construction disruption
  • Environmental, cultural, civic and heritage impacts

Read the summary of public engagement.

Will you use light rail? Of all the people who responded, 73% said they would use light rail.

COVID-19 changed how we gathered feedback

COVID-19 Alert Level 4 lockdown during the last two weeks of our engagement period meant we couldn’t meet in person, so we moved our engagement online and were contactable via email and the 0800 phone number. We:

  • held 10 stakeholder workshops, 9 meetings and 5 presentations
  • sent 2 e-newsletters to our key stakeholder and subscriber list of 1,648 people
  • boosted digital and social advertising and issued a media statement, all promoting our online feedback form and ways to contact the team
  • posted on project partner Facebook pages and Twitter accounts
  • encouraged interest groups, advocates, elected members and other key stakeholders to remind people to share their views before 1 September 2021

Ongoing opportunities to get involved

There will be opportunities to give feedback during the next phase which will involve detailed design, including, for example, the location and design of stops or stations, route and community connections.