Why a City Centre to Māngere line?

The City Centre to Māngere line will connect two major employment hubs (Auckland City Centre and the Airport). It will connect with planned housing and deliver better access for communities including suburbs with limited public transport.

Future proofing

The City Centre to Māngere line is the backbone of the light rail network and will eventually connect with other light rail lines to the North and Northwest. This will benefit the whole city and allow far more people to move around the city freely.

As part of work now and the city centre connection, the line will extend to Wynyard Quarter enabling a future light rail line to the North Shore. The next phase of the project will work closely with the Additional Waitemata Harbour Connections and Auckland Rapid Transit Plan projects to further develop integration.

Stations and stops

Initial indications for the number of stations and stops under the partly underground light rail option are up to 18. This number may change through detailed design and consultation with communities. Community input will be sought on the design and location of stops/ stations.