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Government's endorsed option

Cabinet has met and endorsed tunnelled light rail for the City Centre to Māngere corridor.  Considering the various options and trade-offs, tunnelled light rail holds:

  • the optimal opportunity for high-capacity future-proofed transport that improves travel time and reliability;
  • enables a more flexible alignment and unlocks significant urban benefit within the corridor;
  • sets the stage for future network integration – including a new harbour crossing;
  • and avoids overwhelming Queen Street and minimizes the extent of construction disruption.

*please note:

  • We acknowledge that technology improves over time and at the point where any procurement occurs, which is still some time away, the latest offerings from suppliers will be considered including their proven reliability.
  • Cross section graphics and dimensions are indicative only and may change. The city centre to Māngere corridor width varies and detailed design has not been carried out yet.

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