Frequently Asked Questions

Tunnelled light rail (Endorsed option)

Which option has the Government endorsed to take forward?

What are the benefits of the tunnelled light rail option?

How many stations/ stops will there be?

How many passengers per day are anticipated?

Will the underground section be completely below the ground?

Does this option deliver on carbon reduction?

Will integration with walking and cycling and buses be included in the project?

Experience and travel time

What kind of service will the light rail provide?

What will travel times be on the light rail?

Integration with future light rail lines

How will it integrate with future connection to the North Shore and North West?

When will the light rail extensions to the North Shore and North West happen?

Will integration with walking and cycling and buses be included in the project?


How much will this project cost?

Can New Zealand afford light rail?

How will light rail be paid for?

Why are the P95 and P90 costings not being released as part of the Indicative Business Case and appendices?

Urban development

Why is urban development included in this project?

How will decisions be made about how areas might be developed?

Do we know where on the corridor higher housing density and development will be?

Next steps

What are the next steps?

How long will it take to deliver the project?

Is now the right time to be investing in projects like this?

Community input into the project

How are Mana Whenua being represented in decision making?

How will the community be involved in future phases?

Will I have a say on the location / design of stops and stations?

Managing disruption and other effects

How disruptive will this be to construct?

How will you look after businesses that will be impacted by the project?

Working with property owners

How many properties might be affected?

When will I know if my property is affected by the project?

How will you look after businesses that will be impacted by the project?

How much disruption from construction might be expected?

How many properties could be liable for a targeted $1,000 levy or rate as proposed in the Indicative Business Case?

Indicative Business Case

What was the Benefit Cost Ratio for the heavy rail options considered by the Auckland Light Rail Establishment Unit?

What station locations were used for the modelling? If this information is not available, please tell me why the project cannot disclose the station locations? 

What is the difference between Light Metro and Tunnelled Light Rail in the Transport Assessment charts? How were they calculated?

Where can I see the IBC?

Why was light rail in a tunnel the recommended option?

Why was light rail (surface) on Sandringham Road discounted?

Which option would be least disruptive to construct?

Was integration with future light rail lines (North West and North Shore) considered?

Short list in the IBC

What short list options were put forward in the IBC?

How was the short list identified?

What trade-offs between the shortlist options were considered?

What are the costs of the shortlisted options?

Alternatives to light rail assessment

What other modes were assessed?

Are trackless trams a viable alternative?

Was improving the bus rapid transport network?

What about more buses/ electric buses instead?

Would a spur line to the Airport from Puhinui work instead?

What about extending the Onehunga line to the Airport?