A solution for all Auckland.

Rapid transit is a key transport priority for Auckland - a critical investment to develop a modern, connected, high capacity transport system in New Zealand’s largest city, supporting jobs, growth, and housing.

17% of Auckland’s population growth and 33% of job growth will happen along the City Centre to Māngere corridor in the next 30 years. The corridor also serves centres of urban renewal, including the Kāinga Ora led Housing Programmes for Mt Roskill and Māngere.

As the backbone to Auckland’s light rail network, the City Centre to Māngere line will eventually connect to the North Shore and North West to benefit the whole city.

The line will connect two major employment hubs and deliver better access for communities along the route including suburbs that have limited public transport options.

Potential future rapid transit network – Auckland, showing future rapid transit lines to the North Shore and North West

Hear what Minister of Transport Michael Wood has to say about the light rail project and its importance for communities and all Aucklanders.