The Auckland Light Rail team is a collaboration between Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Auckland Transport, Auckland Council, the Ministry of Transport and Kāinga Ora.

The team reports to a governance board with an independent chair and representatives of key agencies, local boards and Mana Whenua.

The group have worked on the tasks set by the Government which included:

  • Partnering with Mana Whenua
  • Developing the business case
  • Engaging with stakeholders and communities

What did the recommendation consider?

The Indicative Business Case (IBC) considers how best to achieve these outcomes:

  • A light rail service that:
    • Is attractive, reliable, frequent, safe and equitable
    • Is integrated with the current and future public transport network
    • Improves access to employment, education and other opportunities
  • A transport solution that embeds sustainable practice and reduces Auckland’s carbon footprint
  • Unlocking urban development potential, supporting a quality compact urban form and enabling integrated and healthy communities

The Minister of Transport Hon Michael Wood released a summary of the Indicative Business Case to show the progress ahead of it being considered by the Government. The technical assessment work identified that light rail is the ideal form of transport to pursue.
The summary includes a short list of three options as well as advice on delivery entity, cost and funding.

Government decision

Cabinet has endorsed the tunnelled light rail option to take forward -


Leigh Auton

– Chair (Independent)
“ copy

I am excited by the potential of Light Rail to enhance the daily lives of citizens in our great City.

Tommy Parker

– Project Director
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Light Rail will enable Auckland to develop in a sustainable way that provides good access to housing, education and employment, ensuring quality of life and of place for our children.

Partnering with Mana Whenua

The project team is committed to working with Mana Whenua and recognises and respects Te Tiriti o Waitangi as Te Tūāpapa, the foundation from which we will work with and alongside Māori.


Nicole Rosie

– Waka Kotahi Chief Executive
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This is a transport solution for Auckland that also brings benefits for economic growth and community wellbeing. Light rail will support new and existing businesses and create and connect communities.

Shane Ellison

– Auckland Transport Chief Executive
“ copy

I’m excited for Aucklanders to experience an additional rapid transit service that is attractive, reliable, frequent, safe and equitable. The services will be able to integrate with the current and future active and public transport network.

Jim Stabback

– Auckland Council Chief Executive
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A modern public transport network is the cornerstone of all productive and successful international cities, and the Auckland Light Rail project could have profound benefits for our region. The opportunity before us is to shape the future of Auckland, enabling growth, access to housing and reducing carbon emissions for generations to come.

Peter Mersi

– Ministry of Transport Chief Executive
“ copy

Light rail will give people a fast, frequent, and reliable way to go about their day. It will connect Aucklanders to their city, and our city to the world, helping Auckland grow in a way that is oriented around mass transit.

Margi Watson

– Local Board Representative (Albert Eden Local Board ex Chair)
“ copy

Listening to the community so we get the design of this once-in-a-lifetime project right, is key. Keeping our communities connected whatever the route, rising to the challenges of climate change and building for everyone’s future should be embedded in all our work.

Chris Darby

– Auckland Councillor (Planning Committee Chair)
“ copy

This project is Auckland’s most significant city-shaping infrastructure since the Auckland Harbour Bridge. It will bring Aucklanders closer together, and closer to learning, earning and our special places. It will strengthen existing communities and form a foundation for exciting new communities to emerge.

Katja Lietz

– Kāinga Ora General Manager
“ copy

As New Zealand’s first national urban development authority, Kāinga Ora is very excited to be a key member of the ALR team. High quality transit oriented development is critical to Auckland’s future urban form and function. In neighbourhoods along its route the ALR has the potential to catalyse positive urban change and significantly improve access to housing, employment and education.